Unknotting Nottage

Lynn Nottage's satire on black America comes equipped with morals—but should it?

Woodard (center) and homegirls: Re-entry to Brooklyn
photo: Joan Marcus
Woodard (center) and homegirls: Re-entry to Brooklyn

Fabulation is such an intriguing script to write about that I have to confess, guiltily, to having left myself next to no space to praise the first-rate cast of Kate Whoriskey's lively, occasionally overly broad, production. Charlayne Woodard navigates the demanding central role with a mixture of flamboyant charm and rooted passion that's a wonder in its own right; I particularly liked, among her able supporters, Myra Lucretia Taylor as an unexpectedly feisty grandmother and Steven Kunken as the haughtiest ex-crackhead in history.

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