Thank you for the great commentary on R. Kelly, one of the biggest con artists the African American community has ever been seduced by.

My hubby and I cannot believe that many of our people continue to step blindly in the name of love with this (allegedly) pedophilic pied piper. And what makes it even more disgusting is that Kelly has tried to mask what I believe to be his guilt with this servile, Baptist-church "You Saved Me" string of songs with which he tries to gain sympathy.

The community forgives, while ignoring the dignity of its allegedly violated daughters. If black people upheld the beauty and innocence of their daughters, maybe they wouldn't be so eager to take off all of their clothes in degrading videos, or worse yet, for someone like R. Kelly. Your article was right on!

Ayesha J. Gallion
East Orange, New Jersey

Mamma Mia

Re Robert Sietsema's "100 Best Italian Restaurants" [June 9-15]:

After reviewing the list, I was surprised to not see Pinch (Pizza by the Inch) included. It's a new restaurant and pizzeria on Park Avenue South. I have eaten there several times since its opening last fall, and the meals always use the freshest of ingredients, have terrific flavor, and come in generous portions. Everyone I know who has eaten there loves it.

I was then stunned to see Piadina included on the list. Mediocre on a good day, inedible on a bad one, this has to be one of the most disappointing Italian restaurants I've ever eaten at in New York, and I've given it a few chances. Maybe it's great for cash-strapped NYU students or seniors from the Village, but certainly your writer can come up with more accurate selections next year.

Donna Airoldi

No Logo

This sometime (over the past four decades or so) Voice enthusiast has just read your review of the Kid Rock show by Kandia Crazy Horse ["Baadasssss," The Sound of the City, June 23-29]. Having been fortunate enough to attend a show from this tour, this 56-year-old "kid" was pleasantly surprised at the way Ms. Crazy Horse seems to have captured the spirit of Kid Rock's current reinvention of himself in a way few reviewers are able to these days.

One tires of the cookie-cutter bimbettes, boybands—and critics—who seem to be the order of the day. Legitimate or not, our self-proclaimed "Rock & Roll Son of Detroit" at least pays homage to a time I remember well, when blatant corporate self-aggrandizement would not have been tolerated by artists or fans. This mostly unreconstructed old hippie living in the heartland doubts we would have flocked to shows at Bill Graham's "Eli Lilly & Co Fillmore East." Thanks to the Voice for giving voice to reviews that show both insight and integrity.

Mark Edmunds
Springfield, Missouri

Maple Syrup

Marissa Pareles's "Close-Up on Prospect-Lefferts" [March 26, villagevoice.com] mentions the Maple Street School. Curiously, it didn't mention other quality child care programs in this same community, most of which were present long before Maple Street. Maple Street is not truly representative of the ethnic makeup of the families in this community.

Pareles mentions that Prospect-Lefferts Gardens is a predominantly Caribbean American enclave. Maple Street School children are not part of this enclave.

The article targets only a small part of the neighborhood—the gentrified part. I hope that in the future your articles will be more inclusive and equitable.

Ingrid Caballero
Owner and director, Almond
Tree Group Family Daycare
Prospect-Lefferts, Brooklyn

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