The Big Ones

Michael Moore and Spider-Man fight evil in two new summer blockbusters

The standard interaction between online communities and blockbuster promotion provided the model for similar events in support of The Passion's cash-in and Fahrenheit's hot tickets. And it wasn't just MoveOn that attempted tie-ins with Fahrenheit. Across the country, countless local Democrat boosters (as well as some anti-Moore activists) targeted Fahrenheit moviegoers outside theaters, usurping positions usually held by on-site promotion teams.

Tangled webs: Spider-Man 2's straphanging superhero
photo; Columbia Pictures
Tangled webs: Spider-Man 2's straphanging superhero

Naturally, Moore's goals reach beyond mere ticket sales. MoveOn, Moore, and numerous leftist groups are leveraging the model of high-concept movie events to foster high-voter turnout, banking that a more broad-based vote will oust the Republican Green Goblins. Surely, at least some of the nonvoting American public will realize that going to the polls is as easy as going to the multiplex. Getting rid of Bush won't solve all of society's problems, of course. But hopefully, the success of Moore's blockbuster activism will encourage box-office-hungry producers to back scores of shameless imitators.

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