Hangover Helpers

New pills promise to rid you of morning-after misery

But if you've ever had the pleasure of indulging in one or several bathtub martinis, you know congeners aren't the only variable contributing to your morning malaise. As David Wondrich puts it, "Gin doesn't have a lot of congeners, but boy howdy, I've had some hangovers on that." Alcohol and acetaldehyde are also prime suspects, but not the only ones. "Even if it is congeners," agrees Wiese, "you still have dehydration and poor sleep."

illustration: Shane Harrison


share their favorite hangover cures

"Drink seltzer or, better yet, Pedialyte (Gatorade is for amateurs), eat a Domino's pizza, and start drinking again."

—Jimmy Duff,
Bellevue Bar

"Before I go out, I have breadsoaked in olive oil and a glass of milk. Then a large glass of water next to whatever I'm drinking—as you dehydrate, you need to hydrate—and two aspirin with lots of water before bed. In the morning, ice-cold chocolate milk with a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll, followed by a Coca-Cola. And more water."

—Audrey Saunders,
Bemelmans Bar

"A few whiffs of oxygen are a sure cure. It doesn't help the queasiness, but it gets rid of the headache."

—Jeremy Holin,
Jeremy's Ale House

"I like to take a brisk walk. You feel worse in the beginning but better by the end. Also hot, greasy food—abandon all pretensions to diet—and Coca-Cola. And lots of hours spent in a dark room—groaning."

—David Wondrich,

That the scientific basis for the hangover is still shrouded in mystery may explain why so many remain skeptical of the current cures' claims. "It's like Viagra," says Wondrich. "For thousands of years, people have been promoting a sure potency solution, but when it came, people knew it." Or maybe excessive drinkers just need a pill that improves their judgment. As Jimmy Duff says, "One that keeps you from waking up next to ugly people the next day."

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