Green Space: Green space is limited, but there's plenty of waterfront space as well as park benches along the East River promenade on the north side of the fish market.

Best Restaurants: The sidewalk tables at Quartino (21–23 Peck Slip, 212-349-4433), located on the edge of a cobbled area called Pecks Slip, offer serenity in the early evening that you can't find in the Village or other restaurant-heavy neighborhoods. Thanks to several pedestrian-only streets in the area, car traffic is minimal, which means your exquisite pizza crust style focaccia doesn't taste like exhaust fumes. If you're looking for cheap eats, Radio Mexico Café (259 Front Street, 212-791-5416) fits the bill nicely, particularly when you order the Mahi Mahi fish tacos. The place also doubles as a decent dive bar, featuring pool and pinball.

Best Stores: For an experience well beyond Office Max, try Bowne and Co. Stationers (211 Water Street, 212-748-8651). This authentic 19th-century-era printing shop looks like it could be in Harry Potter's Diagon Alley and offers printing services (get your business cards or letterhead printed with 19th-century wood or metal type!) and goods for sale. Strand Annex (95 Fulton Street, 212-732-6070) is close to the subway station. This one isn't quite the size of the store on Broadway, but that's not a bad thing, and it offers the same inexpensive prices as the Broadway store. A flea market is held every other weekend. Please refer to Lynn Yaeger's review for more info.

Seaport Ships: The moored, the merrier
photo: Holly Northrop
Seaport Ships: The moored, the merrier

Best Bars: Even though it has moved a block and a half south on Water Street and left behind most of the dusty bras hanging from the rafters of the old location, Jeremy's Ale House (228 Front Street, 212-964-3537) is still a magnet for those looking for cheap drinks, bad behavior, and the ambiance of a basement rec room. If Animal House isn't your thing, Paris Café (119 South Street, 212-240-9797) has a nice bar and the drinks aren't much more expensive.

Politicians: City Councilman Alan J. Gerson, State Assemblyman and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, State Senator Martin Connor, and Congressman Jerrold Nadler—all Democrats.

Crime Stats: Life on the waterfront is not as dangerous as it once was. The South Street Seaport area is served by the First Precinct, which also handles much of the financial district and the bottom of Manhattan. As of October 16, 2005, it reported zero murders, 3 rapes, 127 robberies, 90 felony assaults, and 225 burglaries. (As of June 20, the First reported one murder, up from zero at this time last year; two rapes, same as last year; 71 robberies, down two from last year; 66 felonious assaults, up two; 80 burglaries, down a whopping 124; and 782 grand larcenies, up four. Overall, crime is down nearly 10 percent in the precinct.)

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