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And now, the gift of correction: Contrary to my STAR JONES item last week, it wasn't a friend who read Star the Times write-up of her prima donna antics, it was Star herself who admirably read it aloud to partymates (if leaving out certain raunchier parts). When you get read, read it right back!

But kindly read this to yourself: As you know, CAMERON DIAZ wasn't happy with the Us Weekly cover on JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's bad behavior and gave them a follow-up interview, which the mag cleverly fashioned into a dis of the British press. But I hear Cameron actually told an Us editor, "You're going to get cancer writing this way about Justin." That's not even original—ROSIE O'DONNELL, anyone?—but at least it's gritty and rock-and-roll. It's who she is!

To die for: Kiki & Herb
photo: Miles Ladin
To die for: Kiki & Herb



Back off, boring cats! The hot animals du jour are froggies, from the American Museum of Natural History's array of live jumpers to the Central Park Zoo's display of poisonous dart frogs to French people. Cementing the trend, the Aristophanes-NATHAN LANE collaboration The Frogs is—fuck the critics—an anything-for-a-laugh riot that, until Act Two problems, is deeply, superficially entertaining in an A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Four-Leggeds way. "Were the romp's references to Girls Gone Wild and Bush in the original Greek classic?" I asked Lane at the opening-night party at Tavern on the you know. "Maybe," he answered, breaking up. "I'm quite sure there were plenty of Bush jokes—the kind WHOOPI GOLDBERG does!"

Half naked in the show, perennial he-man BURKE MOSES told me he wasn't nude in Beauty and the Beast too. ("You must have seen a production on Eighth Avenue.") Half mortified, I moved on to fully clothed co-star PETER BARTLETT to ask if he's horrified by his underworld character's contention that hell is the ultimate fun destination. No, Bartlett beamed, "I'm looking forward to it!" M.M.


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