Crouching Stanley, Hidden Gangsta

Why the hanging judge can't keep his hands to himself

Even if in his writing Crouch derides the ethics of the street, his actions close the distance between him and the gangsta rappers he abhors, making cartoons of them all. Both could live without the electric slide, whop, or moonwalk. Both could give up the cross-over and dunk.

But never let it be said that he who purports to be a black male gives up the beast. That it's all an act, and he really won't kick your ass. That in the middle of politicking over Fitzgerald, Faulkner, and tea, he won't go David Banner, upturn your table of crumpets and coffee-cake, grab you by the collar, drag you out into the darkest alley, and show you that, yes, what you have heard is true. That he will not swing through on his dick and snatch your Jane on a vine like Tarzan. Never let it be said that Jim Brown was not the essence of him. Never let it be said that he—whether Crip or Crouch—failed to be a nigga.

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While Mr. Crouch is impressively combative and I agree with your reasoning largely. I think comparing him to Gangster Rappers is a great big stretch. Because not only have some of these rappers died, but a very large amount of them have actual murder and gun violence surrounding them. From Snoop Dog, Young Jeezy , Gucci Man to folks like Tony Yayo, Lil Boosie and almost all New Orleans rappers have been involved with documented murders in one way or another. This goes with out mentioning the almost permanent threat of the eruption of random gun violence when they have shows or gather to closely togethr. THis of course goes with out mention the "Shooters" rappers of all levels like to surround themselves with.