Throw out those boring stamps and seashells—art collecting is where it's at. Impress your artsy-fartsy friends after taking the New School's "Art Collecting 101: Contemporary Art" (212-229-5690, Learn where to go and who to know as you navigate the contemporary art market. Clotilde Hainline


If talking about men, menstruation, and love seats doesn't bore you, NYU's "Getting Published in Women's Magazines" (212-998-7200, may show you the way to some extra cash. It's for freelancers who want to make the most of their embarrassing teenage mishaps. Homework consists of light readings from Cosmopolitan, Lifetime, and Marie Claire.

Haven't drooled over "Hills Like White Elephants" yet? Learn to become a mini-Hemingway at Gotham Writers' Workshop's one-day intensive course on dialogue (212-974-8377, The $125 class will teach you all you need to know about "saids" and the importance of eavesdropping.

"Before the teacher even left the topic of Google," one student writes, "my mind was already blown." Another concurs, "As he covered the 'advanced search' features, the mousy fact-checker to my left issued an audible gasp and swayed in her seat." Mediabistro's "Find It All: Basic, Legal, Business and Government Research for Journalists" (212-929-8377,, for good writers who can't find good stories, transforms you from Google-dabbler to investigative reporter. Rachel Aviv

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