Meteorological Avant-Transmissions, Intercepted From Air

Avantricity's freebirds (Matmos, Autechre, Fennesz, many more) ride the soundtrack of David Toop's new book, Haunted Weather: Music, Silence, and Memory. Right channel clusters, left one cloisters, then they hook up, passing through each other. In time as well as space, when (b) connects with (a) and (x). Disc 2 is mostly ghostly instruments; Disc 1 is everything. For inst., the singing fry and fray of Alvin Lucier's "Sferics." ("Natural radio-frequency emissions in the ionosphere, radiated from nearby or distant lightning," Toop notes.)

One Weatherbird's ambushed by street sounds, but they're countered by visionary description; violence gets safely aestheticized. The artist as museum guard? Where is she later, when I hear a shovel blade in oily gravel, too near a hypnotic/hypnotized-sounding muezzin?


Haunted Weather: Music, Silence, and Memory

Luc Ferrari
Les Anecdotiques
Sub Rosa

On Luc Ferrari's Les Anecdotiques, voices are talking, frequently in female and French, beware. (American's also spoken, in Chicago and "dancehall Texas.") Often near bird-bordered beaches, while engines drive up and away. Eventually, doors slam and then beat on—doors of a sea tunnel, turns out. Anecdotal, yas: L.A. swings, as Ferrari intends, in and out of meaning, like a pendulum do. Worth hearing, at least once. Go listen to your pillow and be glad.

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