There isn't enough honor in this administration for the truth to come out. I would respect Bush if he admitted 9-11 was a possibility and he'd prepared for it, but I know this will never happen.

All any American can do to better our chances of returning to a country resembling normalcy is to vote this group of egomaniacs out of office.

Sylvia Barksdale
Lynnfield, Massachusetts

The Ridgeway and the wrong way

Re James Ridgeway's " 'Terror' on Election Day!" [villagevoice. com, July 16]:

I saw no reason for Ridgeway to bring up the possibility of some scary scenario occurring on voting day. Not even Bush and his cronies are that crazy! Let's just vote him out the old way. The article just may scare enough people out of voting, no matter what the neocons do.

Marc Foorman
Encino, California

Wait till you read what we say about The Village

Re Michael Atkinson's "I Was Bourne, But . . . " [July 21-27]:

It would have been nice if Michael Atkinson had not blown one of the major plot points in The Bourne Supremacy when he reviewed the film. Stating that Marie dies in the film, without indicating that there are spoilers in the review, is totally unprofessional in my opinion.

Ben Ottaviano
Concord, California

Michael Atkinson replies: C'mon, the unwritten rule is, if it happens in the first 20 minutes, it's exempt from spoilerhood. It wasn't anything some of the trailers didn't tell you.

Crystal ball

Re Wayne Barrett's "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" [July 28- August 3]:

Barrett attacks Hillary Clinton from the left. This is like attacking Ronald Reagan from the right in order to make him look like a moderate.

More realistically, the attack is an attempt at wishful thinking—apparently Barrett really believes that Kerry will win, and that Hillary will be too old to run in 2012. Does he really think that he knows better than Clinton regarding what's best for her? How many elections has Barrett won?

Even National Public Radio is beginning to realize that the natural constituency of the Democratic Party, organized labor, is aware that the invasion of Iraq was necessary in order to have a beachhead to fight global-imperialist, cutthroat, radical Islam over there rather than over here.

David Caplan
Del Ray Beach, Florida

Inglorious Columbus

Re Elizabeth Mendez Berry's "Politics as Unusual" [villagevoice.com, July 23]:

I was amused with the depiction of Columbus, Ohio, as being a "dependably Republican town." It's funny reading of the "strong" Republican leanings in Columbus when one takes into consideration that the mayor is a Democrat and the seven members that make up the city council are all Democrats. The city attorney of Columbus is also a Democrat, as well as the president of the board of education, in addition to the county treasurer.

While it is true that no Republican has won the presidency without carrying Ohio, that does not mean that one can make a blanket statement and hope for it to stick. While Columbus is in no shape or form as liberal as New York, I would argue that it is not as conservative as Berry would make it seem.

Danny D. Hairston Jr.

Elizabeth Mendez Berry replies: Hairston is right. I oversimplified Columbus's political dynamic: In the 2000 election, Franklin County, which includes Columbus, went Republican, but I'm sure the suburbs contributed to that more than the city's core. It was a close one regardless. Thanks for the clarification. [The article has since been corrected.]

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