Survival Course

Portland's Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls: Where outcasts are mainstream and punk is sweet

M and M (Maya Itkin-Hein, left, and Maya Fulan-Yue)
photo: Julie Keefe
M and M (Maya Itkin-Hein, left, and Maya Fulan-Yue)

The camp needs more, though. Because it only charges $300 for the week-long session—and many of the girls' families can't afford the full fee—rock camp is a volunteer operation. None of the staff is on salary, including McElroy, who supports herself by babysitting and cleaning houses. "It's demoralizing to not get paid," admits McElroy. But as she's already expanded her academic exercise into an after-school program and is currently dreaming up plans for an all-girl rock 'n' roll high school, it seems she's willing to toil outside the music industry so the next generation of rock girls might have an easier time within it.

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