Brooklyn's Blood War

A soap-opera congressional race turns into a scandal of campaign-finance abuse

When Una Clarke ran against Owens four years ago, she violated federal deadlines and delayed the disclosure of her major contributors until after she lost the primary. Yvette Clarke's total federal receipts so far are only $87,321—a quarter of it unitemized, just like her mother's filings. If Yvette's disclosures appear late as well, it may be impossible to tell if Pataki donors are fueling her campaign.

The Boyland and Clarke attack themes on Owens depict this Democrat in a Republican Washington as a do-nothing, even though he's sponsored 16 significant bills that have become law. The New York Post reported that Tracy Boyland has never passed a council bill, and she and Clarke both highlight as their top achievement the funding of the same bio-tech medical facility at SUNY Downstate.

Research assistance: Abby Aguirre, Caitlin Chandler, Daniel Magliocco, Ben Shestakofsy, and Ned Thimmayya

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