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Dead mag helps VH1 talk about race, from Ice Cube to Elvis to Costello

As it happens, the spadia also creates room for what amounts to an ad on page one. If you turned back the flap on Monday's run, you found a full-color pitch from Macy's, right alongside the news from Iraq. The wrap also pushed the hallowed editorial page from its traditional position, instead finishing the front section with a spread of advertising.

The main push for the teasers came from the Times circulation department, which had been searching for new ways to drum up some interest. The experiment is slated to run from August through the end of year, appearing only on select newsstands in Manhattan and Westchester County. The spokesperson couldn't say how many.

For now, the Times may stand alone in this approach. Have any other newspapers experimented with a spadia? "I don't believe so," said Bill Mitchell of the Poynter Institute for journalism.

The spadia (at left), a new trick for the Old Gray Lady
The spadia (at left), a new trick for the Old Gray Lady

Color me pissed

Esquire's coronation this week of Andre 3000 as the world's best-dressed man adds a dash of color to the lily-white world of men's fashion magazines. That is not a good thing. Here is the hidden beauty of segregation: When Esquire trots out Matt Lauer as an icon of fashion, I can always laugh it off as some white shit. All things being unequal, I can study the magazine's "Man at His Best" department and conclude that but for a token or two, I'm free to be at my worst.

But Outkast's Andre—darling of black girls the realm over—on the cover of the September issue is a problem. On its face, it's just Esquire acknowledging that the hip-hop generation is finally growing into blazers and button-ups. Pharrell Williams is also featured inside, along with the less hip-hop, but no less black, Kofi Annan and Thabo Mbeki. Good for Esquire. Not so good for cats like me, who can't seem to let their Timberlands go. Inclusion means competition, and thus the end of retorts like "Baby, you wouldn't want me dressing like a white boy."

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