German Xploration, Part 2

Tristan continues her adventures at a sex-positive weekend in Berlin

After I fisted a fabulous French girl in my advanced anal class, a man approached me and uttered a four-word phrase I hear on a regular basis: "I'm not gay, but . . . " I thought for sure I knew what was coming next. In America, the confession would continue like this: "I really do like to get fucked in the ass, even with a strap-on. But it has to be by a woman, definitely a woman." I hear it so often and respond with validation in order to counter the stereotype that haunts so many hetero dudes; yes, straight men can love getting ass-fucked and it doesn't mean they're gay. Instead, this guy announced, "But when it comes to being anally fisted, I just prefer it with another guy. The energy is so different, I just like it better." It was both obvious (it made perfect sense to me) and shocking, since I'd never heard anyone say anything like it. It was indicative of my journey to an event remarkably similar to ones I go to all the time, and still radically different.

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