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Oh, they should also head to New York Sports Clubs. I hear those places are running BUSH-CHENEY ads in their in-club video feeds, and as a result, all my gay friends are taking their abs and pole-vaulting out the door (though the clubs have no political position; the feed is from an outside provider, blah blah blah).

As for my own husband, Vincent Gallo, I was strangely not invited to his Brown Bunny premiere, even though I'm the one who might have liked it. I hear it was quite a spectacle afterward—two celeb attendees had woken back up, CHLOE SEVIGNY looked stricken (her parents had come), and Avenue columnist RICHARD TURLEY was saying, "Gallo should have put the movie where the sun don't shine, not at the Sunshine." But even ROGER EBERT will like the magazine version.



Dracula the Musical is not approved for Republicans—there are wardrobe malfunctions—but Dems will avoid it too, since critics have announced it's pretty much the kind of show Bialystock and Bloom would have mounted. (Sample dialogue: "There's been a telegram from Budapest . . . ") On opening night, face-lifted folks sat frozen watching the leaden story about the search for eternal youth. Afterward, I asked composer FRANK WILDHORN if it was upsetting when star MELISSA ERRICO told New York magazine that she's brainy, which she adorably added is the opposite of what Wildhorn does. "Is that upsetting?" he responded. "She's in my show! She does an amazing job singing the songs I wrote from the heart!"

To stir up more trouble, I cornered ex–Thoroughly Modern Millie star SUTTON FOSTER, who's next playing Jo in a musical of Little Women, and said, "Isn't it weird that Jo starts out at 16 and you're actually, um, 17, tee hee?" "I'll have to regress a year," Foster laughed, further cementing this as the season of eternal youth. Jo versus Millie, please? "Millie wanted to find a husband," she obliged, "but Jo never does." Wait, is she a lesbian? "I didn't think so," said Foster, pensively. "I'll have to think about that. Maybe that'll be part of my research!" Already I like this Jo better than GOLAN whatshisname (you know, "McGreevey's a slimy, duplicitous closet case—and I'm not gay!"). MM


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