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Breaking the sound barrier: A director's take on movies, music, adolescence, and politics

On demonlover (2002), Sonic Youth composed the bulk of the soundtrack—the melodies and also the rumbles and frequencies that would be integrated into the sound montage. They gave us their tracks, which I then reshaped, with Olivier Goinard, the sound designer, to fit the images. That's a rarity—musicians are typically in charge of their own mixing and don't often adapt it to the soundscape of the movie. In the studio, Thurston Moore asked me to play the guitar and produce the sounds myself. I didn't dare, and I regret it a little. It wouldn't have amounted to much, but I would've contributed a little to what I've been wanting to do for a long time: create the music for my own films.

Olivier Assayas is the director of, most recently, demonlover, which will be released in a director's cut DVD next month, and Clean, which premiered at Cannes in May.

Our music: Vanishing Point
photo: Photofest
Our music: Vanishing Point


I Can Hear the Guitar: Selected by Olivier Assayas
BAMcinématek, August 26 through September 16

Translated by David Ng

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