They Might Be Giants

First Tokyo, then the world: Retro unleashes rampaging bestiary of toylike behemoths

Monsters' brawl: King Kong vs. Godzilla
photo: FSLC
Monsters' brawl: King Kong vs. Godzilla


They Came From Toho: Godzilla and the Kaiju Eiga
August 27 through September 9
Film Forum

Godzilla matters because we can't explain his appeal. Even standard fare like Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla sports a strong emotional undertow, with its lonely female pilot, its depressed giant robot crafted from the corpse of the 1954 Godzilla, and its gargantuan lizard who is a global superpower of one. The problem with Godzilla is that he's too powerful for this world—every-thing he touches he destroys. He matters be- cause we are all Godzilla now. GRADY HENDRIX

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