The Sunshine Patriots

The GOP's champions of this war had a hard time finding their own way to the battlefield

Military service None

Reason Student deferment (Yale 1967); medically unfit (poor eyesight).

Quote "Freedom requires hard work and sacrifice."

Michael Bloomberg
Mayor, New York City
Age 62
Born Medford, Massachusetts, February 14, 1942

Military service None

Reason Student deferment (Johns Hopkins 1964; Harvard Business School 1966); 1-Y (flat feet) 1966.

Quote "I had a great agreement with the draft board—they never called me and I never called them." (Bloomberg on Bloomberg)

Jeb Bush
Governor of Florida
Age 51
Born Midland, Texas, February 11, 1953

Military service None

Reason Student (University of Texas 1974).

Quote "We are always mindful of the many sacrifices that our brave servicemen and women make in the line of duty. But mindfulness turns to reverence during wartime, as our soldiers fight to protect our freedoms and demonstrate their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice."

And those who served:

John McCain
Senator, Arizona
Age 68
Born Panama Canal Zone, August 29, 1936

Military service U.S. Navy 1958–1981 (P.O.W. in Hanoi 1967–1973)

Quote "Victory can be our only exit strategy."

Zell Miller
Senator, Georgia (Democrat)
Age 72
Born Young Harris, Georgia, February 24, 1932

Military service Marine Corps 1953–56

Quote "Everything You Need to Know I Learned in the Marines" [autobiography subtitle]

Heather Wilson
Representative, New Mexico
Age 43
Born Keene, New Hampshire, December 30, 1960

Military service U.S. Air Force Academy and air force 1978–89

Quote "We did the right thing going into Iraq. We can't just play defense and put up barriers to protect ourselves."

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