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One for posteriority

Yay, Sloane Crosley ["Butt Seriously," The Essay, August 11-17]! My boyfriend has been telling me for years that my ass (or "caboose," as we call it) is where it's at—guys like the asses on porn stars, he says, not the ones in fashion mags. I've never been able to buy it, since I'm bombarded with media images as much as the next girl, but lately I've begun to feel like there's a tiny possibility he may be right, and lo and behold—Sloane says so too. It's in the zeitgeist, I guess. I'd never consciously thought about my insecurity as a black/white thing, but a big ass may be one of the few things black women can get away with that white women can't. Not fair, I say. I remember hearing that white girl Denise Richards had her ass photographically augmented for those Undercover Brother movie posters, and she looked head-turningly hot. I second the call for a movement embracing my hot white ass, and I thank Ms. Crosley for noticing.

Jessica Stockton
Park Slope

Mr. Natural

In "Nature Is a Vacuum" [August 11-17], Nick Catucci writes, "Thurston Moore sleepily declares, 'Nature sucks.' "

Hey Catucci—get a lyric sheet. The line is "nature sex"—you think I'm some kind of sentimental nihilist or sumthin'?—jeez . . .

Thurston Moore
Northampton, Massachusetts

Asset analysis

I really liked the piece on the white-girl-big-ass phenomenon [Sloane Crosley's "Butt Seriously," The Essay, August 11-17]. I was enlightened as well as amused. My only wish would have been for more research on the interracial aspect, to maybe highlight why some black men prefer that asset (bad pun) on a white girl.

The article also cleverly dismantles the white-girl-flat-ass misconception, while at the same time celebrating this peculiarity in genetics. The bottom line (last bad pun): We, as Westerners, are even more bewildered by Asian women with back.

Gary French
Park Slope

The Dong show

As a black African woman with a generous gluteus maximus gained from years of strenuous exercise, I really wish that Crosley would worry more about why women's behinds are being objectified in the first place in lieu of wasting our time celebrating the idea that soon, hip-hop videos may begin rampantly exploiting white women as well.

I find it pitiful that the unstated premise of her article is that there is something wonderful about men congratulating women on how large their behinds are. Perhaps Crosley wants us to rejoice in the fact that there is probably also a "secret society" of long-donged men who can't jump, or for that matter, whose last name is Dong.

Eseohe Arhebamen
Ann Arbor, Michigan

8 is enough

Thank you, Sloane Crosley, for articulating thoughts I hadnever been able to put into words. Sweetie darling, we are kindred spirits. I, too, am a white girl. And not just a white girl—a really, really white girl. The kind whose makeup foundation is always called "alabaster" or "delicate porcelain." If I were any whiter, I'd be transparent. Possibly even a reflective surface. And I, too, have what Southern men call "junk in the trunk."

For years, I have tried to cover it, camouflage it, diet and exercise to make it smaller. But it is quite stubborn, and all but refuses to let me be any smaller than a size 8.

It used to distress me, but quite frankly, life is too short to waste my mid-twenties angst on a part of my body that simply is what it is. I will wear my Lilly Pulitzer sundresses and sip my bourbon and Cokes this football season, knowing that someday my ass will be appreciated like a fine piece of vintage couture. As well it should be. Freddie Mercury told us we make the rockin' world go round. So, I'll take Sir Mix-a-Lot's advice to turn around and stick it out—even white boys got to shout.

Alexis Lambert
Gainesville, Florida

Nice tan, cornrows

Re "Butt Seriously": I remember when even the most minuscule features of black women were thought to be ugly—the "nigger lips," the "kinky" hair, the big thighs, the big ass. Now we have white women getting fat implanted in their lips, cheeks, and anywhere else money can buy. We have them wearing year-round fake tans, torturing their hair into locks, and being celebrated as perfect 10s for the cornrows that black women still get fired for wearing on the job—and now we even have them bragging about what black women just accept as facts of life.

Angela R. Carter
Baltimore, Maryland

Booty is truth, truth booty—and we love it

I love the booty. I could care less if it's attached to a white, brown, or blacker-than-black shorty. Yes, I am a Latino, but I suspect that my pasty white brothers might be feelin' me too.

And Sloane, sport that ass, white girl, and, ahem, gimme a holla!

Gabriel Ramirez
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

No stopping us now

Interesting Letter of the Week from Robert Tannen [Letters, August 4-10]. When the Supremes finalized the stolen election, we had a budget surplus and jobs. Now? A record deficit and no jobs. So how is that rescuing "an economy that was heading south"? And I'll bet those Iraqis enjoy being tortured by Americans instead of Hussein's goons, except for the ones that we've so thoughtfully liberated from their lives. Maybe Saint Ronnie and George the First shouldn't have given Hussein all that support, huh?

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