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The next morning, Fashion Week was just a sequined memory and I was at a press presentation for my unofficial life story, Brooklyn the Musical. I'd read about this show when a gushy person on talkinbroadway.com's indispensable All That Chat message board claimed to have looked up the reviews in the Colorado papers—which they generously quoted from—and said they were so blown away, they were coming in from Omaha just to see it! This rang some credibility bells, especially when a board regular remembered a similar post from the very same enthusiast. "Shill!" came the angry cries of disbelief, but hey, it could be a totally objective wacko.

Anyway, at the presentation, cast members belted out some American Idol-type moments and the result seemed better than the inevitable Flushing the Opera. And now I'm tossing my boa, removing my tagfree bra, and heading for the shower nozzle.

Litter Box


Spies say some songs from the BACKSTREET BOYS' new record were tested by a service. The results were more oy band than boy band. The record is delayed. . . . A return trip to Fire Island found that in Cherry Grove, there are 400-pound lesbians holding hands with other 400-pound lesbians and the young-est drag queen parading around with pancake in her creases is about 65. But I'm one of these people and I love 'em! . . . Last year, I told New York magazine that BEN AFFLECK should end up with his Daredevil co-star JENNIFER GARNER, so he won't have to throw out all those "Bennifer" towels and napkins. Now some British rag claims he's dating Jennifer Garner. I will never make a prediction again.

Those fun Maritime Hotel outdoor Sunday parties will move to the downstairs ballroom when it gets chilly. Thank you, Jesus. Don't let them end! . . . But thankfully the convention did. As the stench clears, I have to admit that some of the Republicans I met were almost human. But that's hardly heartening. In fact, that kind of friendly-to-your-face demeanor makes their I-will-destroy-you agenda even scarier. I'll never crash their parties and eat their free food again!


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