In which we reflect on the metaphysics of the perfect blowjob

Blondie's BJ style shows how the sucker/suckee power positions can get flipped around. Blondie embraces not a submissive role, but one where she is pleasure giver. Which makes sense: When you have someone's member in your kisser, you have the power to create a happy hard-on or a miserable man (remember, we have teeth!) depending on how you play it. Men are reduced to whimpering boys when they are down her throat, and she works that angle. Her pleasure is palpable and so is her control of the situation: She says how deep, how rough, how sweet, how long it will last. Her piehole is not a passive receptacle but a vacuum of delight that she can shut off at any moment. When Blondie goes down on a guy, she is running the show: Her tongue's a tool of teasing and torture, and his family jewels are at the mercy of her mouth. She's getting off on it as much as he is, or maybe more. She's got her mouth full, but he's the sucker. When it comes to cocksucking, the power exchange is always present, whether we openly acknowledge the dynamic or let it simmer in the subtext.

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>> I've got a theory: The blowjob is the ultimate act of sexual dominance and submission. <<

A singular, myopic perspective that seems to ignore male sexual development as well as the differences in what each gender might experience as sexual desirability or 'acceptance'. 

At least consider this: As a young man hits puberty, his only intimate experiences with women have generally been asexual. His most intimate female relationship has been with his Mother (generally) and suddenly he is presented with desires which are fundamentally foreign to anything that might have to do with his Mother. At this point, many young men are introduced to a duality regarding female relationships. This is standard sexual development stuff, and all part of whatever genetic 'plan' we homo sapiens still have the programming for.

Regardless, there is now (puberty) an element of shame. Something that cannot, will not be part of the relationship with (again, speaking generally) the only woman he 'loves' up to this point in his life, his Mother.

Specifically, what becomes suddenly private, hidden, taboo is the erection and ejaculation. And I cannot think of a more powerful sign of acceptance (love?) of a man's erection and ejaculation than to for a woman to take them into her mouth, without the rejection and condemnation that any young man would fear from his Mother or his Teacher or his Aunt. In a sense, to say: "I know this about you (this thing hidden/taboo previously), I accept it, I love it."

And I've got a theory: That the males desire for being sexually accepted in this way allows the woman to be in absolute control, absolutely dominate, and he has no choice but to be submissive, to allow her the control in the hopes of finding this acceptance of his sexuality. "Blondie" gets this, she knows this is something that in the sexual dynamic only she has the power to provide.