Robert Kulaya
President, JFK Airport
Chapter 153, National Treasury Employees Union
Jamaica, Queens

Buggin' out

After reading Ward Sutton's comic strips on the RNC and his juvenile characterizations of President Bush [August 31–September 3, villagevoice.com], I fear for the future of our country. You obviously fit in the category of Michael Moore and the obnoxious list of liberal, left-wing Democrats and Hollywood elitist liberals who haven't got a clue about the real world we live in.

You probably have a bug up your butt about Bill O'Reilly too.

Mark L. Belas
Palatka, Florida

Oregon: The inside dope

Re Michael Atkinson's "Streamlined" [August 18–24]:

Mean Creek was filmed in Estacada, Oregon, on the Clackamas River. Atkinson mentions "Oregon Suburbs," but what makes the movie more interesting is that Estacada is not a typical Oregon suburb. Even though it's only 30 minutes from Portland, Estacada is a kind of backwards place; with the wet and windy Oregon winter, it can be downright depressing. The director does a good job of portraying life in this town, even though he never calls it by name.

Scot Condry
Portland, Oregon

Libertelling it like it is

I read The Village Voice online to stay on top of the agenda on the left. I find some interesting ideas in the Voice, and truly value the opinion of some of your writers.

However, the Mark Fiore cartoon "A Nation Remembers" [September 9, villagevoice.com] was a sad exploitation of 9-11, the same exploitation he lambastes in the previous flash movie, about the Republican convention. If Fiore aspires to "backseat drive" U.S. foreign policy, he has to be consistent in his approach.

Gerry Libertelli
Morristown, New Jersey


We are writing in response to Robert Christgau and Ben Reiter's "Defeat Bush: The Guide" [September 15–21], in order to clarify the important fact that the Election Protection Program is a nonpartisan effort led by several 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

The article's headline suggests that the Election Protection Program is an outlet for those seeking to defeat George W. Bush. This is false. The program's goal is to remove voting obstacles prior to the election and assist voters with problems on Election Day, regardless of the voter's political affiliation.

While we appreciate the article's mention of our upcoming training in New York City, we must emphasize that we do not endorse or work to defeat any candidate running for office.

Jon Greenbaum
Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Washington, D.C.

Mary Jean Collins
People for the American Way Foundation
Washington, D.C.

Becky Bond
Working Assets
San Francisco, California

Robert Christgau replies: Our interpretation of the likely effects of any program in no way implies that it isn't scrupulously nonpartisan in its execution, and this would be especially true of any program involving attorneys, who because of their training as officers of the court would be unlikely to betray personal bias even innocently and inadvertently.


Jerry Saltz's piece on Lee Bontecou ["Hell Holes," September 22–28] mistakenly lists her age as 83. She is in fact 73.

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