Close-Up on Woodhaven

Crime Stats: As of November 22, 2005, the 102nd Precinct reported 5 murders, 18 rapes, 161 robberies, 364 felony assaults, and 392 burglaries. (Crime in five of the seven major categories has dropped in the 102nd Precinct, of which Woodhaven is part, for the 12-month period ending September 5. There have been no murders in the precinct this year so far, compared to three in the previous year. In addition, there have been 191 robberies, down from 204 in 2003; 130 felony assaults, down from 158; 254 burglaries, down from 268; and 367 stolen cars, down from 449. Rapes have remained static, at 19 reported each year; and grand larcenies have gone up slightly, to 312 from 310 during the same period the previous year.)

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