This Is Your Fall Season on Crack

ABC goes bonkers with hysterical retro housewives, crash dummies, and loopy lawyers

Lost has serious chutzpah: Like Alias, it never shies away from ridiculous storylines and inanely complicated plot twists that don't bear close scrutiny. Instead of Alias's pouty-mouthed fembot, Lost features Matthew Fox as Jack, a handsome young doctor who takes charge of the survivors faster than you can say "tribal council." He removes shrapnel from a wounded passenger and leads a trek to find the plane's transceiver. Why would a doctor know so much about transceivers? "I took a coupla flying lessons once," Jack explains with a straight face. The series surrounds Jack with dozens of characters who will presumably turn nasty—or maybe they'll be picked off one by one, à la Survivor. Sure, the flimsy logic makes my head hurt. But like Boston Legal and Desperate Housewives, Losthurls itself into my living room with such zany intensity that I find myself succumbing to it, monsters and all.

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