Moderate Rock

Enough with the news anchors running the debates—it's time to give Oprah a turn

"Perhaps he's jealous that I got a very flattering review in Entertainment Weekly along with a handsome author photo," says Jacobs. Hmm, could be. But we're going to go with motive B—as in Big Payback. In 2001, Queenan himself took it on the chin when reviewer Margot Mifflin wrote of his Balsamic Dreams, "Baby boomers have been called smug, self-indulgent, prone to sarcasm, and clever but shallow—and Queenan is their unintentional mascot." Mifflin was writing in Entertainment Weekly. The ultimate insult was that Mifflin graded Queenan's book a C—grading books is bad enough, but a C is an F minus in EW-speak.

So does Queenan really think the EW crowd rides the short bus? "Let's just say I don't think they're as sharp as people who read The New Yorker," he says. "It was just a running joke. If he wrote for Premiere, it could have been Premiere."

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