Candid Candida

The porn star as educator: liberating women's bodily (and video) pleasure

But I have one important bone to pick with Royalle, and I probed her for answers: What's up with her and anal sex? There's only one backdoor scene in all her movies. There's the briefest mention of butt pleasure in the book (which ironically is more skewed toward giving pleasure to men then receiving it) and even a "don't do it if you don't want to" disclaimer that doesn't appear elsewhere. "It's a function of the role it has in my life—that's the role it has in my videos and my writing," she explains. "We create from where we live. What you see is coming from a real place; I'm not saying what I think people want to hear. Yes, I like anal sex sometimes, but it's something I teasingly play with more than actually do. For me, it's harder to do—it can hurt without proper preparation. I think it can be the ultimate in terms of hot, nasty, and submissive sex for me. I may have caviar only a few times a year, and that's how I feel about anal sex." The Martha Stewart of sex advice, indeed.

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