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But first . . . I told CHLOE SEVIGNY she looks great in those sleek Louis Vuitton ads. Typically, she said, "They got the best retouchers!" Funny, in person, she doesn't look like she needs any . . . That older blonde, MELANIE GRIFFITH, does—I hear she got hives while shooting a TV movie, Heartless, in New Orleans, thereby shutting down filming for a few days. But Mel managed to soothe her itch by running off to Mexico to see ANTONIO . . . From Heartless, let's move to Broadway's Reckless, an absurdist comedy that spans trauma, murder, and Santa Claus, with MARY-LOUISE PARKER doing her patented borderline wacko. It all aims to show the changing roles and connections behind the deceptive randomness of life's journey, and though it occasionally touches on profundity, Reckless is generally a wreck you want less of.

Speaking of which, at the Garden recently, BARRY MANILOW sang a love duet from his show Harmony with BRIAN D'ARCY JAMES. Barry told the crowd it would be "creepy" for two guys to sing it face to face—i.e., to each other—so they did it back-to-back. "Did he learn that position at the Continental Baths?" said a disgruntled observer. (Manilow later apologized publicly for the bit to journalist REX WOCKNER and said it was all a joke. So is Barry's staying in the closet.)

Aiming for more legit stages, TERRENCE MCNALLY, I hear, will write the book for the upcoming Catch Me If You Can musical . . . But stop everything for this late-breaking item: MICHAEL JACKSON is against the No Child Left Behind Act.


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