Danger! Men at work
photo: Dierdre McGaw
Danger! Men at work


Mountain View Estates
Dumbo Stable
16 Main Street, Brooklyn
Through October 23
Kourtney Rutherford, whose résumé adds three years in construction work to familiar dance and drama credits, spins a goofy, macabre tale in a half-built tract house set. Six ordinary-looking guys in nondesigner jeans and singlets play a construction crew that occasionally (and inexplicably) transforms into a ramshackle chorus line. They're bossed by a nondancing contractor (D.J. Mendel) who's by far the best actor on the job and sexy as hell in the bargain. Rutherford plays the lady of the projected dream house, a stiletto-shod, platinum-wigged, perfectionistic bitch whose motto is "I like things the way I like them." Taking time out to make it with the contractor (who wouldn't?), she goads the builders into a rebellion that escalates into violence. They stab her, bludgeon her, and stuff her plastic-wrapped corpse into the unfinished basement. Having evidently spent her life seeing how far she can go, she goes one step farther and resurrects. The production is not much as a play and certainly short on dance interest, but somehow it's mildly entertaining.
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