Say What?

"Keep your fuckin' Limey hands off our election. Hey, shitheads, remember the Revolutionary War? Remember the War of 1812? We didn't want you or your politics here. That's why we kicked your asses out." —An American reader replying to a letter-writing campaign by The Guardian (U.K.) to undecided voters in Ohio, 10.18.04



  • Bush Tries on Jersey
    Lusting after neighboring Pennsylvania, he gives the freedom speech

  • Down With the Flu
    Bush takes a shot at answering the big question about vaccine

  • Listen Up, Liberals!

  • Video: House to House in Cleveland
    The AFL-CIO canvasses Cleveland neighborhoods to encourage voting. (2 min. 57 sec.)
    Cleveland, October 21st, 2004
  • Additional reporting: Laurie Anne Agnese, David Botti, and Nicole Duarte

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