Gift of Gab

German producer drops echoes, crazy voices, bowling balls

Germany's Gabor Schablitzki, when not teamed with fellow producer Sören Bodner as the fraternal Wighnomy Bros., makes tracks as Robag Wruhme. At it nearly a decade now, his remixes (of indistinguishable fellow krauts) get laced with distinct, ludicrous voices. Mixed into Triple R's Friends, his was the one that sounded like Kid A pillow talk. For a "schaffel" comp (imagine house's basketball bounce beat played in flip-flops), he made Robocop bark "body rock" commands and alarm system sirens coo Duran Duran choruses.

For his first long-player, Wruhme drops more of these golden throats over at his tech-house: speak 'n' spell Aphex Twins ("Hugendubel"), stoned Erykah Badu statues ("K.T.B."), and a Shabba Ranks stutterer ("Skrubbs"), the latter of which could just be doubling as one of King Tubby's DJs, dryly barking over double-time Deutsche digital disco-dancehall. Mind the speed though: Wruhme slyly slides aside manhole covers, revealing the deeeeep echo chambers beneath the streets.

Shakespeare over a shuffle beat
photo: Robag Wruhme
Shakespeare over a shuffle beat


Robag Wruhme
Wuzzelbud "KK"
Musik Krause import

In "Wuzzelbud 'KK' " itself, the bowling-ball thud gets reshuffled by ping-pong balls being loaded into a shotgun. Here, Gab builds you the Ophelia model, which haltingly recites Hamlet: "They say the owl was a baker's daughter. Lord, we know what we are, but not what we may be." Shakespeare over a shuffle beat? Well, the Hugendubel is the largest bookstore in Germany. Could Books on Beats be next?


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