The Red Sox finally win it. But who's to say another drought isn't just beginning?

In point of fact, A-Rod (in 26 postseason games) has outhit Ramirez (in 78 postseason games) by 74 points, .330 to .256, and in 11 postseason games this year had the same number of total runs (19) as Ramirez had in 14. But somehow A-Rod has been tagged as a guy who can't deliver in the clutch; it's a good thing Willie Mays, who batted .247 with one home run in 25 postseason games over his career, isn't playing today.

Far be it from me to rain on anybody's victory parade. I hope Red Sox fans get so drunk that they're finally in a mood to admit that the '86 Mets were a better team that should have won anyway. But I wouldn't put too much stock in what happened this year as an omen. Just ask Phillies fans as we count the days from 1980 to the next World Series win. That should be 2077, if it's on time.

Allen Barra is the author of Brushbacks and Knockdowns: The Greatest Baseball Debates of Two Centuries (St. Martin's Press).

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