Close-Up on Bayside

Best Restaurant: Fontana's (200–02 Northern Boulevard, 718-631-0147) is the joint for locals, where owner Gus Kasimis has been slicing up the gyros for 25 years. Just look for the yellow and red lights at the corner of Northern Boulevard and Francis Lewis Boulevard. The chicken lemon soup with rice comes highly recommended, at $2.50 for a cup and $3.50 for a bowl.

Politicians: City Councilman Tony Avella (Democrat), State Assemblywoman Ann Margaret Carozza (Democrat), state senators Toby Ann Stavisky (Democrat, District 16) and Frank Padavan (Republican, District 11), and Congressman Gary Ackerman (Democrat).

Crime Stats: Crime in Bayside, already one of the city's safest neighborhoods, has dropped in five of the seven major categories during the past year. According to published stats from the 111th Precinct, for the period ending November 22, 2005, there have been 0 murders, 1 rape, 44 robberies, 246 felony assaults, and 428 burglaries. (According to published stats from the 111th Precinct, for the period ending October 3, there have been 60 robberies, down from 85 during the same period last year; 43 assaults, down from 65; 301 burglaries, down from 336; 379 grand larcenies, down from 386; and 209 stolen cars, down from 265. Murders have remained static at one each year, and only reported rapes have risen, up to six from three last year.)

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