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But let's close on a joyous note: The night of the election, everyone I knew was exulting, "Yay! We got rid of that horrible despot!" You know, SHERRY LANSING.

Litter Box

Reckless's ROSIE PEREZ is telling interviewers she'd love to play cuchi-cuchi queen Carmen Miranda. Insiders say it might happen . . . Meanwhile, I hear BOY GEORGE got a call sussing out his interest in playing the child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Apparently, they've also met with MEAT LOAF. But best of all would be another '80s pop star, MICHAEL JACKSON.

As for more imminent acting triumphs, the Oscar race is launching into full swing, with 100 biopics, two quadriplegics, several pedophiles, and AL PACINO bellowing, "Hoo-ha, forsooth!" And DON CHEADLE. Last week, they special-screened Hotel Rwanda, a searing drama that's like an African Schindler's List, with Cheadle as a real-life hotel manager who saved over 1,000 refugees' lives. At Osteria del Circo afterward, writer-director TERRY GEORGE admitted, "It's weird having a dinner for a Rwanda genocide movie, but this is the way it's done." (And hey, I've never turned away free food.) George also told me that the studios wanted DENZEL WASHINGTON or WILL SMITH in the lead role, but he raised enough dough to stick with Cheadle, who'll no longer be best known as Rooster in Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead.

Breaking up all the holocaust talk, the Daily News' JOANNA MOLLOY told me about the Vanity Fair spread on Page Six editors past and present, including herself. In the photo, she said, "I look like the ghost of Page Six past! But RICHARD JOHNSON's like fresh mint. They didn't even put any blush on him." As for CLAUDIA COHEN, she had her own hair and makeup people there, but that's not what bugs Molloy. "It's amazing she still goes to work on the REGIS show," she said. "If I got $80 million from RON PERELMAN, I'd be lying on a beach in Bali reading GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ."

Web Extra

Spies say—spoiler ahead—that Oliver Stone's ALEXANDER is quite up front about the title character's love of men. He becomes ultra-attached to Hephaestion (JARED LETO) and gets kissed by a shirtless male dancer—to name two très gay scenarios in the plot. But then he meets a fiery sheepherder's daughter (ROSARIO DAWSON) with a heaving bosom, they have wild sex, and he suddenly digs broads. Update: Jared Leto feels his character and Alexander are just friends!


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