Straight Girls' Seduction

Curious women are developing their own queer eyes—for each other

So when I like a new girl and someone says to me, "Oh, but she's straight," I never let that faze me. It's not that I'm out to "convert" her, but I know that deep down, many straight women have at least some curiosity about what sleeping with another woman might be like. Women are granted access to each other's bodies—in changing rooms, on billboards, in magazines—in ways that confront us with bulging cleavage and tight skirts on a regular basis. We learn early on to check out women's bodies, and some of those in-your-face curves are bound to induce at least a hint of wonderment. I'm all for experimentation and random make-out sessions that spring from our own lust. It's when women try it only for the sake of some guy that we re-create the same old sexual tropes, and that's when I start to get troubled. Next time, straight girls, close your eyes and forget the guys—they'll still be there when you open them, and you just might lose yourself in her kiss.

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