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Moving from sieges in togas to suicide in poly blend, Broadway's 'Night, Mother revival has EDIE FALCO glamming down again in her second KATHY BATES role and BRENDA BLETHYN channeling Mama's Family and/or John Waters as, respectively, a glum epileptic and her shrill mama fighting about whether the former should off herself. (This was written before a Paxil prescription would have rendered the whole premise moot.) I'm a glum epileptic myself and wanted to help the suicide along—my own, that is—though right before the gunshot, the characterizations kicked in and the play started living.

And I'm glad I survived so I could make more public appearances—like on last week's DAVID HERSHKOVITS–emceed Paper panel on drag, held at the W Hotel before an audience of facial-haired cross-dressers on hiatus. The discussion climaxed when JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL remembered how accepting ROSIE O'DONNELL was to have him perform as Hedwig on her chat show. Muttered co-panelist BOY GEORGE, "Funny, she isn't accepting of herself!" Doggie fart, gladdens my heart.

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One nomination under God

Maria Full of Grace's heroin smuggler, CATALINA SANDINO MORENO, could be this year's KEISHA CASTLE-HUGHES; the newcomer is getting a decent-sized Oscar push and might eventually be full of herself if she lands on the ballot alongside grand dames like ANNETTE BENING and IMELDA STAUNTON. Meanwhile, KATE WINSLET is personally promoting herself for a Best Actress nomination for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I hear she feels that in the aforementioned Neverland thing, she's more of a supporting player. (A persistent hack cough generally means you won't end up as the central character.)

The always award-worthy MARYLOUISE BURKE is her usual scene-stealing self as PAUL GIAMATTI's hyper-enthusiastic mom in ALEXANDER PAYNE's wine-drenched road movie Sideways. At a Cause Celeb memoir-reading event, Burke told me the part was originally written to be 100 percent drunk, "but I think Alexander saw I have this little screw loose anyway so he took that away. He's very sensitive to whatever qualities you bring." As it ended up, the character's only tipsy toward the end of her scenes. Now where can I get that Variety?


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