Spy Another Day

Are spooks getting purged for others' leaks? Inside the White House war on information

As reporters grimaced, Wall Street yawned: Tribune's stock price has barely budged since the moves were announced.

Vote springs eternal

If you think the media are ignoring stories about flaws in the presidential election, you are not alone. Letters to the Voice charge that the media (including this newspaper) have prematurely dismissed reports of polling problems. Electronic-voting critic Bev Harris claims there's a "lockdown" on reporting the story.

At the heart of the matter in Ohio, two reporters at the Cleveland Plain Dealer say there is a little newsroom griping over whether the paper has been doing enough. The Dealer has run pieces on discrepancies in vote reports and long waits at the local polls.

Other election stories lurk. Outside Ohio, a few outlets are paying attention to a statistical study from the University of California at Berkeley that finds an odd relationship between electronic voting and votes for Bush in Florida: The presence of touch-screen voting correlated with an increase in the Bush total from 2000 to 2004. And inside Ohio, third-party candidates say they'll pay for a recount once the official tally is done around December 1. The vote is still out on whether the rest of the media will notice.

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