Marti Converse
Newark, Delaware

180 degrees of separation

As a Christian conservative, I find your article fascinating. While I am in 180-degree opposition to the liberal standard, I cannot comprehend why the New York liberals cannot get beyond the disastrous loss of the last two election cycles. I would think that reason would prevail in determining when it's time to think and draw real conclusions about why the liberal left consistently fails at the polling booth.

What will it take for you to realize that they are 180 degrees out of phase with America's core values and the real issues? I think it's well past time for the liberal gang to realize the issues they hold so dear are simply non-issues to the vast majority of Americans. If Gore's thinking that the Democratic Party isn't far left enough, this last election certainly put the nail in that coffin.

Rick Brancadora
Ocean City, New Jersey

Fear itself

I appreciate the passion in this piece, but do not understand discounting the fear-of-terrorism and fear-of-midwar-shift-of-command factors here, coupled with the high likelihood that most people doubt the efficacy in fact of government to do anything a candidate promises. I am not arguing that Bush was effective at protecting us from anything—I am as crushed by the election results as anyone—but if we discount the actual fears of our compatriots, we will just end up talking to ourselves in bewilderment again in another four years.

Shari Loe
Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Preaching to the choir, part II

Fantastic article. I am a 64-year-old former Baptist deacon who is now just a supplicant in the Episcopal Church. Sadly, the mixing of church and state is going to do away with any form of the democracy that we are trying to spread to the world by military force. We are moving closer to a Christian theocracy every day, and that scares me as much as any Muslim theocracy. We only have to look at history to see what evils have been done in the name of God by theocratic governments. Christians are so adamant about converting the world that they cannot see the beam in their eye nor the dangers of a nation or a world ruled by a Christian theocracy. Your article was right on target and was one of the best statements of the problem of misplaced values in this country that I have read since the election.

Keep up the good work!

Edwin E. Powell
Woodbridge, Virginia

Push comes to shove

The self-righteous blather and whining in "Our Vanished Values" were truly profound. Can't you simply understand that liberal politics have once again been totally rejected? It's not the messenger or fools who don't know what is good for them—it's your message and liberal ideology. Have the decency to examine your failings as a political party.

Thanks for pushing the party further left—into even more irrelevance.

Mike Dartley
Phoenix, Arizona

Viejo partido magnífico

I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your article. It is the exact same thing that I have been telling my Republican friends—how they prostituted "my" religion to re-elect George Bush. I get laughed at when I call W. the Antichrist, but I don't think I am far off the mark. Bush and his ilk remind me of the Spanish Inquisitors—do it our way or burn. I will be passing your article on to a few of my history professors. I know they will enjoy it. I am taking a graduate class this semester in 20th-century American history, and I have already found many terrifying parallels between W. and the closed-minded administrations of the early 20th century.

Rita Thompson RMobile, Alabama

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