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With both eyes as open as Rosario Dawson's toga, I graced the Plaza screening of KELSEY GRAMMER's A Christmas Carol and five minutes into it, realized it was a filming of that deadening version they dredge up every year at the Garden. It worked much better this time—though I kept thinking, with JASON ALEXANDER as Marley, that I was watching Frasier being lectured by the ghost of George Costanza. At the after-party, Grammer was extremely approachable, but I left him alone since he threatened to sue my old Metro TV show after my co-host made fun of his wife's irritable bowels. Bah, humbug!

But wait—here's some holiday jeer: Spies say TARA SUBKOFF is fighting mad at Seventh House PR over a where's-the-money dispute. She's not the first one. More disgruntlement: After getting rude door treatment at the safari-themed Cain, nightlife legend JOHNNY DYNELL e-mailed the owner that the club is "everything that is wrong with New York rolled into one." Dynell may be the lucky one. I got in.

Smokin': Le Scandal's Flambeaux
photo: Ryan Jensen/P-Cult
Smokin': Le Scandal's Flambeaux

Disturbing: Rush does Sellers.
photo: Jaap Buitendijk/HBO
Litter Box

The promotional image for the upcoming BEACH BOYS musical Good Vibrations—with its row of tanned, sunglassed male heads—looks extraordinarily Fire Island–y (or even Alexander-y) to me. I bet now they'll change it. Over at Macy's, the Polar Express Christmas windows have the NONA GAYE character looking virtually white in two of the displays. Where's the Express going—to a Klan meeting?

My own dark side came out when I was asked to be on a committee hosting a Palladium reunion event, then read a rep's claim in Page Six that the hosts (including myself) booted Rosario Dawson as a guest star because she was too young to be appropriate. Funny, I not only didn't get the memo about Dawson's involvement, I also didn't hear about the cancellation decision and never even got an invite! (But I feel worse for Rosario. No friendship ring and now this!)

Darker than Kinsey, whiter than Ray, and straighter than Alexander, Brit actor Peter Sellers was a nasty genius whose inevitable biopic—HBO's The Life and Death of Peter Sellers—is a mixed-bag chronicle of tantrum-throwing and period whimsy with "and then he met" career highlights, though GEOFFREY RUSH is undeniably killer in the lead. At the premiere, Rush told me, "Sellers liked a disturbing element in his humor. It was anarchic, chaotic, and confrontational." And riotous; I worship him so much I even knew of a Sellers movie (the weird, little Hoffman) Rush hadn't heard of. Snap, snap, Oscar winner.

Web Extra

WABC radio personality MONICA CROWLEY, who's an MSNBC regular, told me at PM Lounge that she's getting her own show on that TV channel starting next year. It already has higher ratings than TINA BROWN's.

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