Unquiet Riot

Media come out slugging after the NBA brawl in Detroit, throw in sucker punches, 'moral' lessons

Some scribes noted the déjà vu feeling of Powell accusing an oil-rich country of WMD misdeeds: The Times' Steven Weisman saw an "eerie repetition of" and Great Britain's Independent detected "distinct parallels with" the run-up to the Iraq war. The déjà got vu-dier the next day, when U.S. officials noted the intelligence was unverified and single-source. Is this a rerun?

The diplomatic tussle with Tehran stirred memories of two juicy stories from days of yore that seem to have disappeared. Wasn't onetime Pentagon favorite Ahmed Chalabi accused of passing secrets to Iran? And wasn't a Pentagon analyst accused of passing U.S. material on Iran to Israel?



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  • Recent references to those two stories have been few and far between in the mainstream press, but at last report, the two cases were subjects of FBI investigations. The FBI refused to comment.

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