R.M. Wilson
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Fiore more years

I enjoyed Mark Fiore's "Depressed Democrats' Guide to Recovery" [villagevoice.com, November 11]. How about a "Pissed-Off Democrats' Guide to Stopping the Bush E-Voted Empire From Taking Over the U.S. and Destroying the World"?

Susan Harris
Kensington, Brooklyn

Iris-lock established. Proceed to brain colonization.

Mark Fiore's cartoon is so good that I actually can't stop watching it. Thank you for a good laugh.

Edward Johnson
Seattle, Washington

The gun club

Nat Hentoff refers to Republican libertarians as part of the anti–Patriot Act coalition ["Cuffing Bush and the FBI," November 17–23]. Do you have a mental block against identifying a major group that worked with the ACLU against the act? The organization is the National Rifle Association. Is the NRA an unmentionable in the Voice? I guess being an ACLU Bill of Rights activist or a "freedom of speech" writer only applies to the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. It would never do to acknowledge that the NRA is the organization upholding the Second Amendment, the amendment that you seem to have tossed down the memory hole.

William C. Jones
California, Maryland

Nat Hentoff replies: William C. Jones is entirely correct that the National Rifle Association is part of the libertarian coalition in Congress that has worked with the ACLU against the Patriot Act. I have often written that the Second Amendment clearly guarantees—and history supports—the right of citizens to bear arms, but does not include the right to use cannons or machine guns.


Due to a typographical error, Michael Feingold's review of Democracy ["The People's Will(y)," November 24–30] placed the play's action in the 1980s. The drama takes place in the 1970s.

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