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The year in TV: Another season, a smattering of reasons for tuning in amid all the mediocrity

Romancing the stone: Lost proves a winner.
photo: Mario Perez/ABC
Romancing the stone: Lost proves a winner.

JEWS OR LOSE: Most classic TV families come specially prepared in one flavor only: WASP. So it's delightful to note that two of the best current series, Arrested Development and The O.C., revolve around unrepentant (if unkosher) Jewish broods. Neither show makes much of it, though Lindsey Bluth's fundraiser for the anti-circumcision group HOOP (Hands Off Our Penises) got her in trouble with the Jewish Defense League, and the multi-denominational holiday The O.C. invented has caught fire in the real world. Merry Chrismukkah to you.

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