While it is true that, several months ago, the station terminated its discrete Latin Jazz Cruise series, Latin jazz from record and CD was increased significantly. Several weeks following the decision to terminate the discrete show, WBGO management voluntarily decided to return the Latin Jazz Cruise series to the air and to continue the practice of more Latin jazz via disc throughout the week.

Contrary to Ms. Flores's article, WBGO has long recognized the importance of Latin jazz in the New York market and, with this move, has expanded its presentation of it to an all-time high. This is news for celebration, not condemnation.

Cephas Bowles
General Manager, WBGO
Newark, New Jersey

Aurora Flores replies: My article was not a condemnation, but a passionate observation from a concerned community member as well as a Latin-jazz documentarian and educator.

The criticism focused on a sad national trend toward retro programming, activated by decreased federal funding. Management should take instead a more proactive marketing view, embracing specialty shows as well as "mainstreaming" rotation of Latin-jazz artists into regular programming. Trying to "cover the sky with your hand" by disregarding the growing numbers right outside the door seems fiscally foolish at best.

Face time

In "Public Approval" [November 24–30], Charles McNulty claims that Oskar Eustis's appointment as artistic director of the Public Theater has generated unanimous support in the theater community. I have personal knowledge of Oskar Eustis, and I'm flummoxed by the adulation. I have always found this man to be a pretentious, hypocritical, self-promoting blowhard. Has Mr. McNulty actually seen shows at Trinity Rep? Methinks the emperor has no clothes. Time will tell whether he falls flat on his face at the Public. Hopefully he won't take the theater down with him.

Denise Mancini
Providence, Rhode Island

Fight or flight

I find it interesting that Garret Keizer ["Calling Out the Guard," The Essay, November 24–30] apparently believes that National Guard troops should not be called up to war. Now I myself am a very passionate opponent of the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But I also believe that if you sign up to serve in the military, you are obligated to go and fight. You can't just take advantage of the benefits.

The Guard is part of the army, and unless Keizer's friend was somehow not aware of that fact when he enlisted, and didn't figure it out, then he must go to Iraq.

Gregory A. Butler
West Harlem

La dolce Mullins

Bravo for 20 years of sheer genius! [La Dolce Musto, November 24–30] And brava for getting that girl to "corner your vagina" at the dessert table somewhere! Do you know that you are the only person who cheered me up from a deep depression since the "election" with your last three columns so that I didn't quite go crazy till I gave in and went ahead and made reservations to go to that hot-sheet motel in West Hollywood next week?

I may even be able to get my vagina cornered!

Patrick J. Mullins
West Village

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