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The bard is performed without Elvis songs in The Merchant of Venice, but the film's premiere party had its own rock-and-shock value. It was at Aer, which is—get this—a new lounge in the meatpacking district! Have you ever heard of anything so dazzlingly zany and original? Is this not as progressive as a drag queen screaming, "No wire hangers!" or a corner bistro that sells panini? A lounge in the meatpacking district, people! Take note, Ripley's!

In the same exotic region, the old Powder space is now Glo, an airy, white dome that, with its go-go girls and psychedelic images, is very Life and Death of Peter Sellers. And way up east, the Lips people have opened Maracas, a candy-colored cilantro palace trying to pretend it's not on the site of the old Regents gay piano bar. So live life to the fullest. The magic is inside you.

Another opening: A bearded Fierstein and the cast of La Cage aux Folles
photo: Carol Rosegg
Another opening: A bearded Fierstein and the cast of La Cage aux Folles

Odds and (Rear) Ends

LESLEY STAHL was just seen dining with SHERRY LANSING at Orso. Can a 60 Minutes piece be far behind? . . . Sixty minutes is all someone lasted over at Democracy. A media person told me a friend of hers disliked the play so much he offered his date a thousand bucks if she'd leave with him at intermission. "Deal," she said—democracy at its finest . . . Thank God I ended up liking DAME EDNA's new show because the quote they're using from me in the ads ("I was laughing my guts out!") was actually about her last show. OK with me . . . I hear Downtown's beloved drag performer HATTIE HATHAWAY will be in Threepenny Opera on Broadway. Brava, diva! . . . And whoopee to party boy FABIAN BASABE, who was outed by gossip columnists back when he was hanging with the Bush gals, but has set the record straight, as it were. In his first column—you heard me—in Gotham Magazine, cute Fabian makes a pointed reference to his picking up women. Got it? . . . You want bicontinental? Writer ANTHONY HADEN-GUEST has been running around announcing himself as "a Nylon." Dead silence. "You know, New York-London." Oh, yeah. I wear them all the time. M.M.


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