Sylvia Barksdale
Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Bank-breaking boomers

Re Anya Kamenetz's "Social Insecurity" [Generation Debt, December 1-7]:

I am weary of hearing that our kids are going to be paying for their parents' Social Security. Whose Social Security have we, their parents, been paying for with our taxes for the past 40 years? We will have paid far more into the trust fund for Social Security from our payroll taxes than anyone has, considering that we're retiring much later than our parents did and are unable to survive on Social Security benefits, as those before us were able to do when the cost of living was affordable on a meager income.

While working and paying taxes we raised kids and cared for elderly parents. It would be really great to be fairly represented in the media for a change. Give us a break, please.

Marlene Keller
Mesa, Arizona

Fear tactic

Re "Social Insecurity": Social Security works. It is one of the most successful social programs this country has ever had. And it's not going bankrupt. True, there is a shortfall predicted; however, revenues can continue to cover benefits with only a small tweak, if the federal government is so inclined. But it is not. Bush and company are far too anxious to put the money into the hands of their corporate friends in the private sector. Privatization is the real disaster waiting to happen. Your story contains the sort of hype that will only confuse and frighten people—exactly the sort of tactic the current administration will likely use in their campaign to privatize Social Security.

Laura Carr
Quincy, Massachusetts

Not her bag

What happened to the Village Voice I used to enjoy reading?

Ever since the beginning of the election season, all you seem to want to talk about is Bush. I hate Bush too, and I'm disappointed, but I'm tired of hearing about him and anything related to the election.

Finally, I found an article that was completely unrelated to politics: "Bag of Tricks: The Year in Purses" by Lynn Yaeger [villagevoice.com exclusive, December 7]. At last, I thought: I can again read about culture without being reminded of the president! But no. Yaeger still somehow manages to stick it in there: "If these bags could talk they'd cry, 'We want a recount! Ohio was stolen!' as their owners settle in for another four long years."

Please make it stop! Let us move on, enjoy life, and stop acting like sore losers.

Jocelyn Pollack
East Village


The photo of Bill Doggett accompanying Robert Christgau's "Recyclables" [December 8-14] was miscredited to J Records. The photo should have been credited to Jack Vartoogian.

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