Best and Worst of Sex 2004

From Hollywood to the Ballet, the Year In Sex Gets Mixed Reviews

THE REVERSE-REVERSE COWGIRL AWARD (FOR CROSSING OVER FROM HOLLYWOOD INTO PORN INSTEAD OF THE OTHER WAY AROUND): It's a tie between Chloë Sevigny, for blowing Vincent Gallo in The Brown Bunny, and Joanie Laurer, former WWF diva, now star of One Night in China.

REVERSE COWGIRL AWARD: The ubiquitous Jenna Jameson scored a record 14 pieces featuring (or plugging) her in The New York Times; this doesn't include her book's appearance on the paper's bestseller lists.

BEST PORN TITLE AND RESULTING DISCUSSION: A cream pie is defined as ejaculation inside an orifice with the cum dripping back out of said hole. Devil's Film's Cream Pie for the Straight Guy features guys eating their own cream pies. At, fans debated whether "snowballing"—a hetero dude eating his own come out of a woman's orifices—was gay. One viewer wrote: "NEVER should hetrosexual [sic] cum end up in any hetrosexual [sic] male's orifice . . . mouth, skin, eyes, ass, feet, etc. . . . If it does, question that man's sexual orientation." Another: "I'm interested in cutting-edge stuff that does not rob the guy of his masculinity." A fan called it "an intimate act," and another called its depiction "porn that pushes couples closer." If only all porn incited such dialogue!

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