The War Scores

Surprise: career soldiers back the war, athletes dislike the press, and the media don't matter

Of course, "real" news (i.e., not sports) also exhibits blind spots—even on news programs, CBS didn't mention White's remarks on gays—relies on inarticulate spokesmen (Dubya), and resorts to clichés like "moral values," "flip-flop," and "war on terrorism." All that's different on the sports page are the spandex pants.

"Let's be honest. It's sports, so it's not as important as City Hall or the White House or covering cops, but I try to approach it seriously," Cimini says. "I just happen to be covering guys who like to beat their brains in every Sunday."

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  • Read Jarrett Murphy's blog, Press Clips Extra.
  • Rolling Stone's year-end issue hypes "interviews" with Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. Unfortunately, there are no actual interviews of the men inside. Fear not, however; according to the Barack Obama Q&A that does appear as advertised, "The media can only drag you down if you take it seriously."

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