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Echo, New York's legendary computer bulletin board, shares its goals for 2005

Did you follow it? No. My computer died and it's worse than ever.

Results? Utter chaos.

Resolutions for 2005: To do yoga and floss regularly. To break a sweat and laugh heartily each day—I heard it is a Chinese formula for good health. To write at least one more short story. To watch my mind for at least five seconds a few times every day. To learn Hindi or Spanish (can't decide).


On Echo since 1991. Echo means a lot to me. I found my wife, Nancy "Ngraham" Graham, there, for one thing, but I also went to lots of fun parties, ran the Echo gopher service, participated in art shows, and even got a job or two. I got to know at least 50 of the people behind the handles.

Your New Year's resolutions for 2004: To use my considerable unemployed time to branch out artistically and try to make some money at it.

Did you follow them? Yes and no!

Results? I set up a new website,, specifically to present my artistic works and philosophy. I went to a few seminars about setting myself up as an artist. I probably need more of them. Nancy and I created a number of multimedia works together and presented them at an evening at Deep Listening Space in Kingston, New York. Now we're submitting the animation we did to various film festivals. So, the art part is progressing, but the money part isn't.

Resolutions for 2005: Keep trying to establish an artistic life, further clarify what I really want, gain the ability to express those needs, and, uh, get a job.

KZ [Karen Rose]

On Echo since 1989! I am one of the original "Echo 20." I was an online "personality" in the early days of telecom; Stacy recruited me to help populate her new online salon. Echo was home in so many ways. Now that I no longer live in the city, probably more so. It's my link to all that is current and vital in New York.

Your New Year's resolutions for 2004: (1) To live up to my financial goal for the year. (2) To be a kinder, gentler me. I can be fairly snarky in my comments and never shy about expressing them. (3) To join a gym, work out more, and get back into shape.

Did you follow them? I didn't do badly!

Results? (1) I was a few thousand shy of my financial goal but did OK for the year anyway. (2) I'm nicer to others than I used to be, often surprising people with my generosity, but need to learn a bit more tact when it comes to expressing my opinions. (3) I don't want to talk about it.

Resolutions for 2005: (1) Same goal financially. Maybe this time I'll actually hit it. (2) Listen more, talk less, be less judgmental. (3) Get back into shape! Really. At least I've already joined the gym.


Echo since 1994. A friend from high school told me Echo was a woman-friendly online space. It was my first venture online. I met my true love, found a job, moved to New York, made wonderful friends. In many ways, it has changed my life.

Your New Year's resolutions for 2004: My main resolution was to do more yoga.

Did you follow it? I didn't do less yoga. I kept it consistent throughout the year.

Results? The benefits of yoga are legion. Strength, calmness, a larger view of the world.

Resolutions for 2005: To continue doing things that are good for me—eating right,exercising, etc. To be more politically active, to try to save the world from the forces of darkness that gained so much ground in 2004.

[Chris Dykstra]

On Echo since 2000 I was a technology consultant and attending Super Cyber Suds, a function of the New York New Media Association. I found a brochure for Echo. Now, I log on at least once a day for rambling, esoteric discussions on the mysteries of life as we know it-politics, male life, words, the Internet, computers, books, travel, and the just plain weird.

New Year’s resolutions for 2004? I resolved to work as hard as I could to elect as many Democrats as possible.

Did you follow them? Yes. I campaigned 20 hours a week for six months, started three blogs, and maintained the state website for the Minnesota Democratic Party.

Results? We gained 13 seats in the Minnesota House of Representatives and carried the state for Kerry. I know I personally couldn’t have done much more to realize the kind of world I want to live in.

Resolutions for 2005? To get back into peak physical condition. In 2004, I blew out my knee (ACL) playing soccer. I face a six-month rehabilitation. It’s likely I’ll have to give up the sport I have played for 25 years and find another outlet.

To test my leadership skills. I just started my own company and am driving the implementation of several large technology projects for progressive causes.

To build better relationships with my co-workers, parents, ex-wife, kids, and girlfriend, I recently sold my house to move closer to my kids. I have to sand some of the rough edges off myself, work on acceptance of myself and others, and pay attention.

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