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Echo, New York's legendary computer bulletin board, shares its goals for 2005

[Kathy Schnapper]

On Echo since 1990 It's an intelligent, quiet corner of cyberspace where one can always find stimulating conversation. Currently, I host the Art Conference.

New Year’s resolutions for 2005? The only “resolutions” that matter are the number of pixels on the computer monitor. Last year my goal was to travel a lot and to spend more time with close family and friends. The high point of the year was a riverboat trip with my parents from Amsterdam to Vienna. For 2005, I am focusing on fixing up my home, so that the friends who were such generous hosts to our family will find a comfortable welcome in New York.


On Echo since 1993 In San Francisco, I stumbled upon the Well, wondered if there was a New York version, and then forgot about it once I was back home. A year later, I read about Echo as well as some other bulletin boards. Checked out most of them; Echo was the only one to capture and keep my attention after the first few months.

New Year’s resolutions for 2004? Be healthier, be nicer, floss regularly, etc. I also vowed to work on efforts to unseat a president.

Did you follow them? The health-related ones were vague enough that I can say I did. I did some tremendously healthy things in the spring and fall, and slipped some in the summer and winter. On the political front, I gave some money and went down to Florida to monitor the election and get out the vote.

Results? I weigh less and have more stamina than I did last year at this time. Florida turned out to be about experience (great) but not results (gag).

Resolutions for 2005? (1) Continue walking as much as possible. The subway’s loss will be my gain. (2) Keep saving money. (3) Really learn how to surf. (4) Spend more time seeking out, developing, and maintaining relationships. I tend to let people just slip away, and then feel sad about it. (5) Finish most of the projects I start. (6) Eat less chocolate. Eat less cheese. At least, only eat the really good kinds.

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