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  • The Acid Test
    At an Indiana lab, better thinking through chemistry
    By Geeta Dayal

  • More Than 'Just Say No'
    Addiction studies thrives in academia
    By Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow

  • Game On!
    Will more professors develop video games for their classes?
    By Rachel Aviv

  • Debunk'd
    The CFI's campus crusade for common sense
    By John Giuffo

  • The Plot Thins
    English majors! Christopher Booker's new study just made your life much easierómaybe
    By Jessica Winter

  • Wrestling With the Margins
    The academy puts on its tights and steps into the ring
    By Christine Lagorio

  • Education Listings
  • After having labored over your Great American Graphic Memoir, it might seem that your work is over. But why spend so much time crafting what's inside the book, only to ignore what's going on outside? Cooper Union's class on "Handbound Books" (212-353-4195, will give you all the basics on getting in and out of a bind in a variety of styles, from clothbound multi-sectioned books to "Japanese box." Chris Tamarri

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