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Rumors, promises, and tears as a Russian-Jewish newspaper is sold, and veteran staffers exit

A pattern emerges

As a court mulls whether to jail two reporters in the Valerie Plame leak case, a military court is again demanding to see information that reporters didn't print or air. The air force has issued 14 subpoenas for reporters' notes about an academy rape case, threatening jail time. The air force says the information requested "may help assist in presenting a proper defense against a criminal charge." But several targets intend to contest the Pentagon subpoenas.

Creature from the blog lagoon
photo: Wendi Shoenfeld
Creature from the blog lagoon



  • Read Jarrett Murphy's blog, Press Clips Extra.
  • One of them is Denver Post scribe Miles Moffeit, who in December escaped a subpoena in a separate case only when that court martial collapsed. (See Press Clips, December 8-14, 2004.) USA Today, The Washington Post, CNN, and ABC News are also on the list. So is Dave Cullen, a freelance reporter who had to line up pro bono legal help. The sheer breadth of the subpoena makes it suspect, says Cullen: "The extent of the fishing expedition is kind of ridiculous."

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